Review our FAQ’s to answer your immediate questions about our services, pricing and office management. Want to know more? Contact your local Maud’s Home Services who will be happy to answer your questions.

Please use the local search in the Free On-Line Quotation Form (ie Lucan, Tallaght) to find your nearest Maud’s Home Services office. Once you submit your contact details, your local Office will contact you as soon as possible.
We can give you a figure within a wide range that takes into account all the possibilities of a home’s cleaning requirements. Maud’s Home Services can’t tell you over the telephone/web where your specific price will fall within that range. The reason for this is simply that after more than 25 years of experience, we’ve learned that each family’s individual lifestyle is different. We would much prefer to meet you at your home so that we can give you a price that is tailored to the specifics of your home and your personal requirements.
We can give your home a one off spring clean or we can clean your home on a regular basis. Tell us what you require and we will do our best to accommodate. Use the area search on The Free on-Line Quotation form to find your local Maud’s Home Services.
The vast majority of the time, there will be a two member team in your home. There are very rare occasions when there will be three people or one person. Examples are: if you need emergency help the office staff may send three people to do the job quickly; if your home is very small one person may be able to complete the job quickly and thoroughly. The office staff will tell you how many people will be in your home before Maud’s Home Services arrives. We respect the fact your home is private, and we won’t ever take advantage of the privilege of being allowed in your home by surprising you.
If you would like us to be at your home at a specific time we recommend that you sign up for service at the beginning of the day. As we clean homes during the day, we often encounter things that delay our arrival at the next home, like traffic, or a last minute customer request for some additional cleaning.
That’s our specialty – and it’s what we do exclusively. We clean thousands of homes across Ireland. We don’t maintain our status as a leader by accident. All of us at Maud’s Home Services understand that we must earn and keep your trust and clean thoroughly and efficiently while respecting your individuality. We believe that and act on that.
Maud’s Home Services protects you in ways that an independent cleaning person may not. Maud’s Home Services is insured, so you are protected against theft, accidental breakage or accidents inside your home.

Beyond accidental breakage , Maud’s Home Services makes house cleaning easy for you. We make sure that we are at your home on the day you expect us – and we manage the quality. When you employ an independent cleaning person, you are responsible for managing that individual’s time and quality of cleaning. With busy lives, it can be tough to add one more responsibility.

If you see a problem while the team is in your home, you can talk to the team Leader, who will make immediate efforts to correct the problem. Or you can contact the office staff, who will work with the team to quickly correct the problem and enforce our guarantee.

We are happy to assist you with your cleaning needs

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