Getting a new carpet for your home is a big investment; so you need to protect the new carpet from the first day. Keeping carpets neat and clean is simple once you know a few basics. Here are a few tips to upkeep the fresh, new look of your carpet:

7 Best Tips To Keep Your Carpet Clean For Long –

1. Put a door mat outside the entry way to allow people wipe their feet before entering your houses. Remember that, dirt entering inside the house from outside is key reason behind staining and wear and tear in high traffic areas.

2. You can ask your guests to take off shoes in the entry. For this, you need to have a shoe shelf or a basket for placing shoes.

3. Whenever dirt or stain falls on carpet, it comes to the base and sits effortlessly. While people walking across the carpet, the dirt particles grind into the carpet fibers and eventually wear out the carpet. That’s why regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning are necessary to preserve your carpet.

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4. Always place rugs in entry ways and hallways to absorb dirt and minimize wear and tear on carpet in high traffic areas. After all, it will cost you a fairly reasonable cost to replace a door mat than to replace a house full of carpet.

5. You should hire professional carpet cleaning service in Dublin and get your carpet cleaned one to two times a year, depending upon your needs and how much dirt it gets. Reputable carpet cleaning in Dublin will help you get rid of all the dirt, hair and allergens that get trapped in your carpet. By getting it cleaned professionally, you will able to prevent daily wear and tear on your carpet to a greater extent.

6. Don’t use carpet in dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or entry ways; if possible. If you’ve used carpet in these areas, it’s highly suggested to clean them regularly as they will wear out quickly and lead to staining.

7. Teach your family how to wipe up spill right away; when they find any on the carpet. It’s obvious that young children pick up a dropped popsicle and scrub a small stain on the carpet. Though you can keep carpet spot remover out of reach and only let them use under careful supervision. Remember that, you should keep a spray bottle of carpet spot remover on hand, particularly if you’ve a pet prone to accidents or you have small kids.

Final Thought – Owning a clean, fresh carpet is a welcoming way to accessorize a home. A clean carpet improves the value of home and minimizes dust inside home. Hence, it’s highly suggested to keep your carpet neat and clean.


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