Having a cleaned carpet in your house will be a welcoming gesture to your guests. You may be thinking that this is the only reason for having a clean carpet then you are wrong in your assumption. We at Maud’s Home and Office offer the best of carpet cleaning in Dublin which will allow you to have various other benefits.

Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits Of Having Carpet Cleaning In Kildare Done By Us

Our Fully trained and experienced carpet cleaners work to ensure that you receive the highest standard of carpet care possible, using “alltechs” rotovac system. We ensure that your carpet gets that deep cleaning it deserves. Such carpet cleaning in Dublin offered by us makes possible for you to have various benefits.

Add beauty and style: The professional and fast-dry cleaning services to both commercial and domestic properties in Dublin that we offer will help you to maintain the appearance and texture of your carpeting. It is recommended by major carpet manufacturers that your carpet gets a clean every 4 -12 months. So, when you desire to have such a cleaning call us to offer an affordable service.

Improvement in indoor air quality: It is seen that carpets act as passive air filters trapping the dust and other pollutants so that the indoor air quality improves. The carpets must be professionally cleaned so that it has the capacity to work as a passive air filter. Our carpet cleaners are fully trained in the most technologically advanced cleaning methods which include using only the best cleaning solutions available. So, you can expect to have a clean carpet which can ideally work as a passive air filter improving the air quality that your family and you breathe.

Home Cleaning Service

domestic cleaning

Safety from pet hazards: It may be known to you that pets are a source of dust and debris. Not only that, their saliva has 20 different bacteria, a gram of their waste has 20 million fecal coliform bacteria and also they are the source of dander. These impurities stay in your carpets even if you clean them unless you have a professional cleaning done by us using the most technically advanced means known as The Alltec Rotovac System.

Safety for your kids: Yes, your kids may play on the carpet and if they are dirty you can easily understand the consequences. We ensure that the carpets that they play on are free from any dust and dirt or allergy-producing bacteria so that they are safe and healthy.


Our services are affordable and we will be at your place without wasting much time after receiving your call.