How often should you schedule a professional office and house cleaning service for your Sandyford Dublin office? Well, this is difficult to answer, as every workplace is different and they’ve different cleaning needs. Below, we have discussed how often some typical office spaces should be cleaned.

Office Washrooms: Office washroom must be cleaned on a regular basis. If your office washrooms are used by customers, you should check them out once or two times during the day to make sure they are perfectly stocked with towels, soap and other essentials.

Office Kitchens: Your office kitchens are the prime space where germs & other illness causing microorganism develop seriously. Obvious offenders include sinks and counter tops, though you should not forget about handles and faucets. These regular touch points are generally some of the filthiest – and most easily ignored surfaces in your workplace’s kitchen. Appliances & surfaces must be wiped out & disinfected everyday so they look clean.

Office Lobbies: If customers or visitors will be passing through your workplace lobby often, you will wish to dedicate additional attention to it to make sure positive 1st impressions. Relying on how much traffic it gets, your workplace lobby must be cleaned every 1 to 3 days.

Employees’ Desk: Your employees obviously spend most of their time working at their desks, making those surfaces main draw for grime & germs. Some most commonly touched & dirtiest items on employer’s desk include:

• Computer mouse
• Keyboards
• Calculators
• Desk phones

It’s essential to clean these typical touch-points regularly with disinfecting sprays, eliminating bacteria before they are able to multiply.

Office Floors:

Most carpets & hard floors in workplaces should be cleaned weekly. If there is heavy foot traffic in your office, you may want to consider cleaning the floors more frequently. Carpets and hard floors also usually need a deep cleaning two times a year to take off accumulated grime & keep them in excellent shape.

Office Windows:

Workplace window frames and sills should be dusted frequently, usually about one time a week. However, the actual windows should be cleaned less frequently – usually two times per year – relying on aspects including:

• The location of your office: If your workplace is nearby busy streets or highways, your windows will probably get filthy quicker than workplaces in suburban regions with lighter traffic, needing more frequent cleaning.

• The weather: You will wish to clean your windows more frequently than usual during especially raining springs to take off mineral deposits left by rainwater.

• Landscaping around your workplace: If your workplace has trees close by that tend to drop sap or mulch in its gardens, you night have to clean the windows more frequently to take off sticky residue or accumulated dust.

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