Do you know your carpet can last at least for 10 years if proper care is taken? Well, there’re a few things that can destroy the lifespan of your carpet. There are actually a few habits you need to avoid in order to make sure your carpet last long. So, what are these habits? Let’s check them out:

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Not vacuuming in regular interval:

If vacuuming isn’t something that’s on your weekly task list, then it’ll be a matter of time before you damage your costly carpet. Filth will get accumulated in your carpet if you don’t vacuum on a regular interval. This will make the fibers of your carpet to deteriorate. You may also build up permanent dark spots.

Employing deodorizer powder:

No doubt deodorizer powder makes your carpet to smell wonderful, but let me tell you that they aren’t good for your carpet at all. They’ve likelihood to accumulate in your carpet fabric over time. It’ll be tough for your vacuum cleaner to get rid of these leftovers.

Walking barefoot on the carpet:

If you’re like most of the people, you possibly take off your footwear before getting into your home. Nonetheless, walking barefoot on the carpet can prompt severe dent to it. Putting on shoes during play or work develop a damp environment. The humidity from your feet may shift to your carpet, which can source odor microorganism to nourish. Furthermore, the foot lotions or creams that you probably use are also not good for the health of your carpet. However, the best alternative you can try is to always put on house shoes when walking on the carpet.

Using home steam cleaners every month:

A lot of people believe that employing a steam cleaner every month is the ideal way to maintain their carpet clean. But this is not the fact actually. Steam clean should be done once or two times a year. Carpets are expected to wrinkle if they get cleaned more than often. Apart from that, making use of a steam cleaner may be risky if you don’t know how to apply it properly.

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